Our Managers

Josh Berreth

“Shwa,” is a rafting and fishing guide as well as one of Great Northern’s coordinators. Shwa grew up in North Dakota but now lives in a yurt in Columbia Falls where he, his wife (whom he met and married at Great Northern!), and his cute black lab, Kaia, make beautiful pottery at Glacier Roundhouse Pottery.

Joe Gallagher

has been guiding the Middle Fork for six years and is also a rafting coordinator. Joe’s main activity consists of running after or frantically looking for his rebellious new puppy and taking her rafting. When he’s not doing that, you can find him reading texts of Eastern philosophy. Joe is also a certified ESL instructor and plans to spend some time in the near future teaching English in Vietnam! If you’re in Joe’s boat, make sure to hold on to him tight going through the Bonecrusher rapids to make sure he doesn’t fall out.

Jordan Rork

Great Northern’s office manager, is back for her fourth season at the company. A native of southern California, she decided the beach was overrated and made her way up to the mountains of Glacier (fortunately for us!). You will most often see her going out of her way to assist someone, whether it be a coworker, customer, or even a plant.

Brett Korpela

also known as "Korps" by friends, has been guiding on and off for fourteen years. He has been with Great Northern for three years and is one of our rafting coordinators and Glacier River School instructors. In the winter along with his wife and son (Marly and Tade), he moves down to Utah where he works as an avalanche forecaster and gets to shoot a howitzer for the Utah Department of Transportation.

Our Guides

Kurt Sprenger

works as a rafting and fishing guide for Great Northern over the summer. During the other months of the year, he sheds his life jacket and dons the title of Dr. Sprenger to go to work as the Musical Director of the Fort Worth Civic Orchestra and as first violinist of the Dallas Chamber Orchestra in Texas. While in Montana, Dr. Sprenger trades his concert violin for a fiddle and plays in Great Northern’s famous company band, Sloppy Sue and the Satisfiers.

Ted Petersen

has been guiding for over 10 years on rivers in Montana and Colorado but has been with Great Northern for four years. A native from Pittsburgh (Go Steelers), Pennsylvania, he moved to Montana in 2001 to guide fly fishing and never left. He is still guiding fishing trips and is now also one of our Glacier River School instructors offering a ton of river and rescue experience. In the winter he heads south to his sailboat, Cacique, with his lovely girlfriend, Jordan.

Greg Miller

is a fourth year guide and ACA- certified Level 4 kayak instructor who attended St Lawrence University in New York. He now spends his winter in Alta pursuing deep powder and steep runs. Don’t let his seemingly passive demeanor fool you, Greg is a no-nonsense river-running machine who swims Class IV rapids for fun.

Heath Chisholm

is a third year guide from Missoula who is currently a student at Boise State studying Environmental Science. When he's not guiding rafting trips in the summer you can find him fishing with friends or spending time with his dog, Finley.

J Hamilton

Originally from Illinois, made the move to Northwest Montana four years ago and has been a guide at Great Northern for three seasons. When he's not on the river you may see him cruising down the highway on his Harley or kicking up some sand in a game of volleyball. Recently he has found a passion in building tiny homes.

Maria Urann

is a second year guide but has been with Great Northern for four seasons as office staff. She is a native of Spokane, Washington but now spends her winter in Whitefish. Some of her main hobbies include snowboarding, rafting, traveling and riding her unicycle.

Jeremy Urann

is a second year guide at Great Northern but spent a summer working in our office prior to that. He is a originally from Spokane, Washington and is now a graduate from Western Washington University with a degree in Performance Theater. After this summer, he plans to move to Seattle, Washington. If you're lucky enough to have him as your guide ask him to sing his original Great Northern Rap.

Tyler Randolph

is a first year guide here at Great Northern but has been guiding for a few years now. He is an ACA kayak instructor originally from Pennsylvania. In the winter you can find him skiing deep powder snow and working in a rental shop at Big Sky Resort in Big Sky, Montana.

Mae Knowles

is here for her first year at Great Northern but has guided rivers on the east coast prior to this summer. She graduated from University of Massachusetts Amherst with a degree in Natural Resources Conservation and a minor in Native American studies. She loves climbing, paddling, horseback riding, skiing and painting and is obsessed with farm fresh ice cream. In the winter she heads down to Big Sky Ski Resort in Big Sky, Montana skiing in some awesome snow.

Jeff Gibson

is a first year guide at Great Northern but guided for a few years in Alaska before coming to Montana to spend his summer. He enjoys traveling, climbing and fishing.

Megan Meyers

is a first year guide from Bozeman, Montana who is a pre-med student at Montana State University. She enjoys kayaking and volunteering for ski patrol at Big Sky Ski Resort.

Lindsay Pilon

is originally from Marysville, WA but she has spent the last 6 years in Missoula. This is Lindsay's first year at Great Northern and she does a lot more than spend time on the river. You may see Lindsay driving your trip or checking you in at the office. One of her quest's in life is to see every national park by the time she turns 30.

Sean Hickey

(pronounced Seen), is originally from Wisonsin and has spent time in Alaska where he guided river trips. He's now at Great Northern for his first season with us. Some things about Sean: he loves working with wood and water (all wood, all water; no discrimination) He's also very fond of cheese fondue and tear drop trailers and his spirit animal is a sea turtle.

Neil Howard

or "Club Neil", is originally from Salt Lake City, Utah and is a first year guide at Great Northern. Outside of the raft world Neil spends his time skiing in Alta and finding the flow on his mountain bike. He also stays busy as a freelance graphic designer. Although he loves the city he'd still rather sleep in a tent any day of the week. He's best know for his amazing rice cooking techniques.

Kristine Kramer

is a first year guide for Great Northern. She's from San Carlos, California but has spent the past year going to school in Missoula at the University of Montana studying psychology. She loves hiking, backpacking and mountain biking.

Cole Macoska

is a first year guide here at Great Northern from Berea, Ohio and is now a resident of Colorado. He is a student at the Colorado Mountain College studying Outdoor Education and Sustainability. He also volunteers for an adaptive ski program . Some things Cole is passionate about is rafting, water balloons and slip and slides.

Hunter Schmidt

is a first year guide here at Great Northern. Originally from Bozeman, Montana he now resides in Missoula where he is going to school for a degree in Education. When he's not studying in Missoula or rafting on the Middle Fork he is playing hockey, backpacking or camping. Hunter once fought a grizzley bear .... and won.

Eric Mcyntire

is a first guide from New Jersey, though he calls New York his home. In New York he studied.....

Garrett Petersen

made his way to Whitefish, Montana from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania about 6 years ago to be in the great outdoors. He is now a first year guide at Great Northern. The rest of the year he is busy working on an organic farm in Whitefish. He loves snowboarding, fine dining and camping all over Montana.


Marly Korpela

is working in Great Northern’s office for the second time this year but by the way she runs the place, you’d guess she’s been here for years. A graduate of Williams College, she lives in Alta in the winter with her husband Brett, who is one of our guides, and teaches music lessons in Salt Lake. Brett and Marly welcomed little baby Tadem who is Great Northern's cutest mascot and also the youngest new guide in training.

CK Jorgenson

is a second-season office staff and bus driver. Originally from Divide, Colorado she studied Natural Resources and art and mastered life while driving a Red Bus for Glacier National Park. While cherishing her new Montana family of Jammer Grandpas, she fell in love with Cheif Mountain and achieved her goal of reaching it's summit. Now all that's left is figuring out how to ride a horse through the whitewater.

Jess Krueser

is working in Great Northern’s office for her second season. She is from Elk River, Minnesota but is now living in Missoula, Montana with her puppy, Sammy, where she studies at the University of Montana.

Kayla Stephens

is a second year office staff who has lived all over the country. (New Mexico, Colorado, Montana and New York to name a few.) She now calls Montana her home and will be spending her winter in New Mexico at Taos enjoying the snow, doing photography and waiting for another epic summer season in West Glacier.

Marit Olson

is a first year office staff who recently graduated with a fancy degree in Sociology from the University Of Montana and is now celebrating saying "I don't know" when asked what's next. She is originally from Bozeman, Montana and spent a year living in New Zealand.

Mona Schwartz

s also one of our first year office staff from Bozeman, Montana. This spring she graduated from the University of Montana with a fancy degree in Political Science and International Relations. After this summer she plans to continue to postpone the real world by travelling throughout South America. She has traveled all over and spent her freshman year of high school in Montpellier, France living the french dream.

Clare Chisholm

works with Glacier Park Weddings and assists in the planning and coordination of weddings and events here at Great Northern Resort. Originally from Missoula, Montana she got her bachelor's in jellyfish reproductive habits at the University of Oregon and will be moving to Seattle this fall.

Meg Lindberg

is Great Northern’s chef and is the wizard behind the amazing food on all of our meal trips. Meg sources local organic food, much of it from her own garden, to create the impressive three-course meals your guides will cook up for you right on the side of the river if you’re on a full-day, overnight, or dinner trip. Meg credits the Universe for sending her inspiration for her recipes, and who has better taste than the Universe?


Gary Gladieux

drives buses and shuttles for Great Northern, and nobody knows how long he’s been doing it for. We’re not even sure if we pay Gary; we think he runs shuttles and backs up trailers because he likes it so much. Some speculate that Gary secretly runs all of Great Northern.

Darrell Bacon

s the newest addition to the Great Northern crew this summer. If you're heading out on a Scenic Float trip or Whitewater Rafting trip on the Middle Fork of the Flathead River, then Darrell's your guy to get you to and from the river safely.


Bernie Hindberg

is the head housekeeper at the resort. A tough lady with a sweet spot for all the raft guides, Bernie has assumed the role of company mom. She keeps everybody in line and makes sure we feed and bathe ourselves. You can find Bernie running around the grounds keeping the cabins ship-shape and reminding the guides to wash behind their ears.

Eva Gruden

is one of our wonderful housekeepers at Great Northern Resort. She is here for her second season! From Slovenia, she travels farther than anyone else at our company to work in Glacier each year. You will see her around our resort taking care of our beautiful flowers and cabins.

Mel Hindberg

a local here in the area, is a second year groundskeeper and housekeeper for Great Northern. If you see someone working hard around the property it's most likely her keeping the resort looking sharp!