Great Northern Resort has a 39 year history of providing whitewater and fishing trips on the Flathead River in Montana. Our guides are the best in the industry, and we are proud of their professionalism, expertise and unparalleled experience. Now you can learn from the best by attending Glacier River Schools at Great Northern Resort on the boundary waters of Glacier National Park. Our instructors are certified by Rescue 3 International and the American Canoe Association. Each of our instructors has a slightly different background. Some focus on technical river rescue and others specialize in kayaking and developing a boater from learning to roll to play-boating techniques. Still others are devoted to helping rafters with boat handling skills on both oar-framed and paddle rafts.

Instructors at the Glacier River School focus in many different areas. The bulk of their training has come from Rescue 3 International and the American Canoe Association. When you sign up for a course with the Glacier River School, your instructor works very hard to make sure that the course is the right fit for you and that you get what you want out of the course.


Carl Motes-Conners

Carl has worked as a professional guide for over a decade in the West Glacier area. He is also an owner of Great Northern Resort, the parent company of Great Northern Guides and the Glacier River School. He has trained guides on boat handling skills and technical river rescue for seven years. Carl has worked with Rescue 3 International and holds a certification as an Independent Rescue 3 International Water Instructor and an agency instructor for Technical Rope Rescue. These certifications require a great deal of training in technical river and rope rescue, and require that a great many courses are taken and taught along the way. He has also worked with the American Canoe Association to become an ACA Raft Guide Instructor. Carl has worked primarily with guides, but also works with private boaters, and agencies such as: FBI, US Navy, US Air Force, US Army, National Park Service, Forest Service, Fish and Game and Fire Departments.

Brett Korpela

Brett is a whitewater guide in the summer for multiple rafting companies and an Alta ski patroller in the wintertime. He started his guiding career in Montana on the Swan and Blackfoot river. Eventually, he moved on to guiding on the Colorado through the Grand Canyon and continues to provide extended trips there from time to time. He is also a senior guide at Great Northern on the Middle Fork of the Flathead. Brett’s experiences offer a great deal to his courses on boat handling in the Introduction to River Skills and overnight trip planning in The River School. Additionally, Brett is very competent in technical river rescue and working towards his instructor certification with Rescue 3 International and the American Canoe Association. Brett’s certifications include: Swiftwater Rescue Technician Advanced, Technical Rope Rescue: Technician Level, Swiftwater Rescue Technician, Outdoor Emergency Care.

Ted Peterson

Ted is a long time guide with years of experience on Montana’s and Colorado’s rivers. He is a passionate fisherman and loves to share his passion with visitors to Glacier Park. While Ted was guiding on the Arkansas river in Colorado, he began developing his technical river rescue background. Since then, he has come back to Montana and continued training with Rescue 3 International to work towards an independent instructor status. He is also a dedicated scuba diver and is combining his knowledge of hydrology on the water’s surface and below to provide insightful training. Ted’s certifications include: Swiftwater Rescue Technician Advanced, Technical Rope Rescue: Technician Level, River Rescuer.

Greg Miller

Greg is one of our kayak instructors that has developed his training style through the American Canoe Association. He is a level 4 Kayak Instructor.