Rescue 3

Rescue 3 International has been setting the standard for technical river rescue since 1979. Their instructors teach in over 32 countries worldwide.

The American Canoe Association

The American Canoe Association is the way to go if you're getting into boating. Their methods of skill progression have taken countless people from beginner to boatman.

Sentinel Outdoor Institute

Sentinel Outdoor Institute provides Wilderness Medical training. They teach primarily in the US and Africa. They train at high altitude and river level and will help you prepare.

Sierra Rescue

Sierra Rescue is one of our favorite groups to train with. They head up Rescue 3 West and provide excellent training on Southwest rivers.

Mad River

The guys at Mad River are our some of our favorite folks to train and float with. If you're in Jackson Hole, stop in and see them.

Paddlefish Sports

Paddlefish Sports in Whitefish inspire paddleboarding in Northwest Montana and provide paddleboard training at the Glacier River School.

Raven Rescue

Raven Rescue is Rescue 3 Canada and our good friends to the north. They provide excellent training and gear packages.