Why You Should Elope to Glacier This Year

You’ve just gotten engaged, and you can’t wait to wed your soulmate. You love the idea of getting married to your special someone, and the big day can’t come soon enough. There’s just one thing – the idea of planning and paying for a big wedding stresses you out. Plus, you don’t want to wait!

Luckily, you don’t have to.

More and more couples are deciding to forgo big, formal “I dos” for more intimate elopements. And what better place to say your vows than stunning Glacier National Park? Here’s what you need to know about eloping in Glacier this year, and why it’s a top choice for many couples:

Why Elope?

There are lots of misconceptions around the idea of eloping. Many people think it means running off to Vegas with someone you just met. Others think it means keeping friends and family in the dark until the vows are complete down at City Hall.

While eloping can mean either of those things, many modern elopements are much different. Whether it’s a ceremony just for the couple or a small party with a few friends and family members, elopements are more intimate, pared-back gatherings.

Here are a few of the top reasons couples make plans to elope today:

  • Preference. Planning a big, blow-out wedding is not for everyone. In fact, many people find that they’re throwing weddings like these because their families expect them to, not necessarily because the couple wants it. Elopement provides a more close-knit experience, where the focus is on the couple being wed rather than the fanfare surrounding the big day.
  • Cost. Today, the average U.S. wedding costs about $36,000. Many couples decide they’d rather put that money into travel, a honeymoon, or the down payment on a house. Some couples don’t have that kind of money to spend in the first place. No matter what the case may be, taking the step to elope keeps costs down and makes planning a beautiful wedding more attainable.
  • Family. For people with fractured families, eloping can provide a calm platform, rather than tossing the couple into a stressful situation that’s ripe with family drama. While some couples who elope choose to invite some choice friends and family members to witness the ceremony, there’s less pressure to extend invites to relatives you haven’t seen in years.
  • Flexibility. Venues designed for big weddings book up fast. Plus, many of them place restrictions on which vendors you can use, which days you can hold a ceremony, and more. When you elope, though, every choice is yours to make. This affords the ultimate flexibility where location, setting, and theme are concerned.

Fast Tips for Planning a Beautiful Elopement

Sold on eloping to Glacier National Park this year? Here are some tips for planning the wedding of your dreams:

Consider Your Setting

There are a bunch of beautiful places to get married in the park, so the first step will be to consider where you want to hold your outdoor wedding. Favorite settings for elopement include the top of Logan Pass (do it at the Visitor’s Center or hike up to the Hidden Lake Overlook to be closer to nature), Many Glacier, Lake McDonald, and Polebridge.

If you want a more private setting, consider eloping to Glacier Park Weddings & Events located at Great Northern Resort. Glacier Park Weddings & Events has hosted several beautiful elopements & weddings in the past, including a gorgeous Great Gatsby-Inspired celebration! Do some research, find the spot you love best, and go for it!

Arrange the Services You Want

The great thing about elopements is that you won’t need to invest in all the trappings of a big, standard wedding. Still, you’ll probably want a few additional services. With this in mind, check out local photographers, musicians, and bakers who might be willing to join you for your elopement. (Hint: Marianne Wiest Photography and Fleur Bake Shop are two local companies that frequently work with eloping couples!)

Find Accommodations

Whether you’re bringing a few people to your elopement or just taking off with your sweetie, you’ll want to find someplace beautiful to stay. Great Northern Resort, for example, makes it possible for the couple and their guests to stay in the beautiful 14-room lodge or individual private cabins – whichever you prefer! Looking for things to do while you prepare for your special day? Book a whitewater raft trip or guided fishing tour with Glacier Park Rafting to make your Glacier National Park experience truly unforgettable.

Ready to plan your elopement? Contact us today to learn more about accommodations, booking, and more!

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